Everyday Dust - Landscape X and The Valley Of Foghorns

We're extremely excited to announce that Everyday Dust's third full-length album, 'Landscape X and The Valley Of Foghorns', is out now!

The album is arguably a soundtrack with no film. A wash of analogue synthesisers, industrial drones and burbling electronics - with more than a nod to avant-garde film scores, early Tangerine Dream and 80s horror soundtracks.

Available as a high-quality digital download, and to pre-order on cassette, accompanied by a handmade booklet package.

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Everyday Dust - Further Studies Beyond Decay

We're very excited to announce that 'Further Studies Beyond Decay'; a compilation of new Everyday Dust material and remixes from 'The Green Decay', is out now!

The release features contributions from An Imaginal Space, Panama Fleets, MODAL PLANE, John Lemke, M I I I I M, SpectrumShift, Dead Melodies and Monotronaut, all hand-picked by Everyday Dust in order to present a multifaceted and compelling resynthesis of 'The Green Decay'.

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Some of you might have seen some posts or read some threads the last few days, concerning a former artist on our label, who used the name eyesix at the time. 
After three eyesix releases with us, we agreed to end the collaboration in early 2015. He then went on to start Eyesix Records and used new artist names, but mainly, Any Colour You Like.
Recently, it has come to light that a significant part, if not all the music he signed his name to, is in fact the works by various other artists, and were simply lifted from their Soundcloud, Bandcamp pages, etc, and then re-titled.
It's not been confirmed that 100% of the eyesix material we've released has been produced by other artists than eyesix himself, but we think it's safe to assume that this is the case at this point. Either way, we've decided that all 3 eyesix releases in the catalog, no longer will be available on our Bandcamp page, and hopefully anywhere else as well, eventually.
However, for the purpose of possibly identifying more stolen tracks and figure out who actually created/own the music, we've decided keep the albums up for 'streaming only', a bit longer. Anything that can help us in this regard is much welcome and will be appreciated.
We're on the case, in addition to others, directly or inderectly effected by these deceptive and totally unacceptable actions. We'll do our best to make things right with the actual artists, as well as those who supported the releases. And hopefully, we can help prevent this shocking case of plagiarism to continue any further!

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Everyday Dust - The Green Decay

Over the last couple of years we have witness it slowly taking shape, mutate, grow larger, and it all has culminated this Hallow's Eve; the perfect soundtrack to a horror movie not yet made. We rejoice the timely arrival of "The Green Decay" by Everyday Dust.
Tape effects, analogue synthesisers, organ, vintage keyboards and transformed sounds are brought together to create a moss-covered landscape of strange fiction. Heavily influenced by outings to the darkest, murkiest overgrown corners of the forests that surround his home - and inspired by tales of Lovecraftian horror
The release is also available to pre-order as a limited edition cassette, so be sure to reserve yourself a copy!

Get it here: https://sparkwoodrecords.bandcamp.com/album/the-green-decay

Welcome to "Camp Blue Pines"

We're thrilled to announce that "Camp Blue Pines" are now officially opened to the public, and we hereby invite you to experience a cross-pollinated landscape of wild growing sounds, serene atmospheres and curious timbres seldom heard before now.

Available here: https://sparkwoodrecords.bandcamp.com/album/camp-blue-pines

The compilation features previously unreleased tracks from Scyye, nil.co, Dead Melodies, Utu Lautturi, Above, Convenience Store, Understated Theory, Kelbach and more!


Panama Fleets - Last Outpost EP

Panama Fleet's "Last Outpost" is now open to visitors! 
Available as a 'name your price' digital download here: https://sparkwoodrecords.bandcamp.com/album/last-outpost-ep
With the summery tones of Panama Fleets as a backdrop, Sparkwood is taking a short vacation. We hope you've enjoyed the releases we've presented during the first half of 2016, but there's much more on the schedule for the rest of the year too!
We're also taking the opportunity to thank everyone who supported, shared and listened to what we had the pleasure to put forth. Thanks!

A new alliance

A new alliance has taken shape and we're pleased to announce that 'Northwood & 4' from now on will serve as the "US branch" of Sparkwood. On this occasion, we can also share the news that the first release out of this collaboration is due out very soon!